Our Promise to You

Treatments at Om spa are designed by keeping in mind the needs of our clients. We have a wide choice of massage so that satisfaction is assure and results accomplished.

The different massages are of high standards and we always pay attention to your every request (pressure, lights, music, etc) during a treatment so it is a wow experience for you!!


We have 2 treatment rooms, one single and one double, so we can accommodate 3 guests at one time. Couple massages are an excellent way for our guests to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Our cabins are decorated with a unique touch of authenticity where everything is in harmony with the healing & relaxing atmosphere we wanted to create.

Candles, music, dimly lit atmosphere, a smell of pure sandalwood are the perfect setting to calm the mind and relax the body from deep within.

Treatment Protocol

Our treatments at Om spa are personalized, meaning that even if we follow a protocol in every massage, we do spend time working on specific issues of our guest (upper back tension, nodules, muscle tension, etc).

Our Therapists

Our therapist are trained in massage therapy, anatomy & physiology and energy therapy so they not only work the physical body but also the emotion and mental tension of a person…the result is a deep relaxation and renewed strength. Our therapists are  professional, efficient, caring, gentle and dedicated to their profession.

Ongoing training is the key element that keeps them ready to learn new things to better their skills.

They are all Reiki channels so we don’t only offer massage but a holistic massage therapy as Reiki energy flows the minute the hands are in contact with a person.

Treatment Closure

We offer a delicious homemade infusion to all our guest after the treatment to help with cleansing process.