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Om spa is a professional therapeutic spa that exist since 2005 with the aim of giving the spa industry a new and holistic approach to well-being. We strive to offer topmost quality treatments at an affordable price. More than just relaxation, we offer healing by combining a good knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology with the art of massage.

Our therapists are fully trained, caring and always willing to accompany you through your treatment in a professional manner.

We specialise in massage and we bring to you the best philosophies from around the world… all under one roof. Over the years we have introduced new treatments to cater for our clients’ different needs. Ranging from simple deep tissue massage to more complex Ayurvedic techniques, we have also introduced real Reflexology and other energy healing techniques. We have the best treatments and we are proud to offer them to you.

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Our clientele ranges from tourists to expatriates and locals looking for therapeutic treatments. We believe in simplicity, ethics and professionalism and our spa is the working example of this philosophy.

We strive to please our every guest with the finest service and the most caring attitude.


Asha and kay are the Founders and Directors of Om spa…. They have both been 5 star hotel spa managers, spa consultants and trainers in this field for the past 15 years.

When they met at the Hilton Mauritius resort and spa, they had two dreams: To create a cute and professional spa and to open a school of meditation and metaphysics.

With so much of knowledge to pass on and so much of experience to share, Om spa was created to  give massage another identity and  through the creation of ITIS, Institute of Therapy & Inner Studies, they wanted to help people understand the dynamics of the energy body within and around the human body.

An identity of professionalism, consistency, healing and self-discovery… this is why Om spa is a unique haven of self-discovery and healing where one is gently guided through the spa brochure to choose the treatment suited to his/her needs ….. Whether physical or emotional.

On the professional plane they are both healers, MQA Approved trainers, consultants, team building coaches and on the spiritual plane they are both Reiki Masters, Pranic Healers, meditation guides and trainers in the metaphysical world…  


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Simply because Om is the only vibration that carries the divine feminine and masculine energy with equal proportion and total fusion to become one … the universe…

It is the representation of Shiva and Shakti, Ying and Yang, Ida and Pinagla, the Alpha & Omega and all the elements combined…

Om is the powerful vibration that carries the power to bring peace and harmony.


Know our experienced team of spa wellness. Customer satisfaction is their goal.
Om Spa Managing Director
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Asha is the Co founder and owner of om spa and trainer in massage therapy, beauty therapy, energy work. She is consultant in spa therapy for hotel spas and designer of treatments protocols. Om spa is her contribution to making the world a better place to live by giving to people the gift of wellness through Mind Body and Soul healing. She is constantly working towards understanding the specific needs of people so as to find the best way of helping them.

Director & Life Coach
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kay is the co founder and owner of om spa and a trainer in massage therapy & spa management. She is a meditation master and an expert in energy medicine. She is gifted with clairvoyance and aura scanning. She is an advanced reflexologist and counsellor. Her mission in life is to spread awareness of the energy world and help people connect to their higher self. She is an empathetic & beautifully affectionate person.

Asst spa manager & Massage Therapy Expert
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Shalini has 8 years of experience in massage therapy and energy therapy.  she has worked her way up to becoming the assisant spa manager with her sheer good heart and loving nature.  She is a level II Reiki healer which means that any massage she does is with this universal gift. Her clients loves her compassionate nature and her healing massages. She has been trained in the Anatomy & Physiology of the body in our own school of therapy – ITIS (Institute of Therapy & Inner Studies).